Shop Spotlight: 3DWaves and Their 3D-printed Synth

If you’ve spent any time thinking about buying a synth over the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the legions of small format, desktop machines that make up a growing swath of the hardware market. From Korg’s ever-popular Volca series to the compact yet wonderfully versatile Teenage Engineering OP-1, these sorts of devices are filling the homes of more and more producers and players, leaving many to look for creative solutions on how to best house and support their instruments within their workspaces.

Enter 3DWaves, a Reverb seller based in Texas that produces a range of affordable and highly usable synth stands produced via 3D printing. We recently caught up with designer and founder Jason Hale to talk about his design process and what’s in store for 3DWaves next.

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