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Leaf-a it’s a 3Dprinter designed to be easy to use and safe, to enable the people without technical knowledge to print their models just with a few clicks.

We decided to build Leaf-a because the 3D printing sector is amongst the most important at the moment, but at the same time unknown to most people; people that have ideas but are unable to develop them due to a sector of cheap or too expensive alternatives that could scare a potential common user, who wants to approach this world for the first time. 

For everyone who wants to focalize on their projects and not waisting time solving the many problems of most 3D printers on the market, we gave life to leaf a; with it, the only thing you have to do is think about your project and create it! Just plug and print without concerns, that’s why…

Leaf-a introduce a fully enclosed but not covered case, designed to ensure a perfect printing experience with filaments that require a constant temperature without any drop during the printing process, you can print in safety without external dangers that could ruin your prints and more important it’s safe for you and for everyone, you can keep leaf-a in every room of your house without concerns.

In addition  

 if you need an open printer for filaments that require it or want just take a look inside the printer, then you can just take off the door thanks to a special system of magnetic hinges specially designed for Leaf-a.

The current 3d printers used a belt that is extremely hard to set and it breaks easily with time.  

Leaf-a uses an innovative beltless motion system that removes the imprecision and the drop in quality which implies the standard belt system with the advantage of an ergonomic and extremely durable motion system to print thousands of times without the least reduction in quality.

Minimal design and metal structure that’s are two factors that made special the Leaf-a’s extruder that’s and the capability to print almost each existing filament (abs,pla,nylon,tpu,hips,wood,conductive,magnetic and dozen of other) a fast heat up system for start a speed printing and constant temperature in printing to improve the final quality of each piece printed with Leaf-a.

Keeping the printer always ready on your desk could be important to save a lot of space, so we decided to put the filament roll directly inside the printer, so you can easily charge it and close it without problems of space and safety.

We focused our attention on details for make leaf-a usable from everyone also without a pc, we put a frontal touchscreen with an intuitive menu and usb and wi-fi,so also who sees a 3d printer for the first time can quickly understand how Leaf-a works.

*In production, all parts will be made using injection molding and other industrial processes.

We made the most effort to turn Leaf-a not only into in a powerful and easy to use printer, but also in a beautiful object to keep at your home, you can keep leaf-a in every room of your house, without any concern, because Leaf-a it’s made to bring 3d printing in the daily life in every home.

 We see and tested a lot of 3d printers, everyone with problems and disadvantages for the user before developing leaf-a and focused our attention on solving one problem at a time. We used different software and innovative solution to build the perfect 3d printer able to combine simplicity and performance.

                You need just to put the printer on your desk and start your 3d printing experience.

You can buy Leaf-a at a special prize discount compared to the final price, and if you will be amongst the first buyers you can get another 60% off the price or choose one of the many items we thought to improve our project:

  • T-shirt 
  • Hat
  • Bag
  • Block notes
  • pencil
  • Phone dock

We thought you might like these items, and you can show your support and at the same time get these always useful tools; all of you who decide to support our project will get one of these basic rewards and a place in the “Thank you note” on our website.

We designed a special phone dock for you, and printed it with Leaf-a.

 project video thumbnail

 this print test it’s realized on a beta version of Leaf-a.

 At the beginning we were just two 3D printing enthusiastic, we used and tested a lot of 3d printers to create our projects and print our models, so we quickly faced all the common problems and disadvantages of the actual 3d printers, sometimes you would like just to print,but your printer ruin your prints or maybe won’t start to print at all. We searched for a quality and not too expensive 3Dprinter on the market, but we saw just dozen of cheap or definitely too expensive 3D printers, with constant limitations,unsafe or entirely absent enclosure,and required of a continuous maintenance, that makes impossible focus on print your projects, if first, you need to lose some hours to set up your print and maybe reprint again a few time until to get a decent result.

So we thought to build a reliable and safe 3D printer for US, we started with the basic idea of a beltless 3d printer to limit at the maximum the maintenance and increase the precision in printing and preventing the common hardware faults. We built and tested our first prototypes, and then we decided to implement always new features and hardware improvements, better electronics, a new extruder, cooling system and then the case; at the begging just an addition to increase the safety during the printing,but we decided to change that into a design element to keep Leaf-a everything without the shadow of a heavy industrial object,but just the beauty of a well done piece of DESIGN. That was a big and challenging project,we were just university students and we took more than two years to improve every single detail of our printer,what came out from this work was an awesome project,a 3D printer safe and user friendly,maybe the first “plug and play” 3d printer in the world,ready to be used when needed with a minimum occasional maintenance.  

We’ve shown our printer and share our ideas with other friends and people in the sector from the consumer to the industrial level, the most of the people, was excited about the idea of a printer like that at a competitive price, after numerous advice from other people on this sector and professionals,we thought about the possibility to make Leaf-a a commercial 3D printer, the effective options to start an efficient industrial production of the main parts the assembly lines and the principal problems and opportunities of a similar project. After a few months, we take our decision, we have made contact with specialized companies talked about the molding processes of the case, the internal components, the panels production, and the costs. So we start to rebuild everything of our printer in a consumer purpose, produced again all the components,added an inner storage filament system to preserve space on the desk, an internal fan system to keep the printer closed without the noise of the mechanical parts and the danger of an open 3D printer, and improve and redesigned all the parts for the industrial production.  

NOW we are here on Kickstarter to ask you to support our project and make it happen, but first of all to ask YOU a simple question: YOU ARE READY FOR A NEW KIND OF 3D PRINTER THAT CAN FINALLY LEAD THE SECTOR TO THE NEXT LEVEL AND MAKE THIS INCREDIBLE TECHNOLOGY ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE?

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