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We are getting into the home stretch, with less than 3 days remaining in the KS, and some cool stretch goals dead ahead! We just unlocked another sweet one and I have some updates to share regarding a few other things!

The small trees were very well received and I thought the walkways were a killer feature, and something people wanted for the larger tree from the get-go. So, I have obliged! This stretch goal features a ton of new tiles to create modular walkways on the large tree, some additional options for the small tree, and an airship dock for the large tree. These tiles are explained below, and they will be included in Dungeon Print Studio tomorrow for you to peruse.

Large Tree Walkways

I created 4 new wall tile types with walkway platforms on them, including a walkway w/ a ladder hole, a closed single door and a doorway opening (same as in small tree), and a empty wall tile w/ a platform. The large tree platforms are slightly different than the small tree one in that they are at the bottom of the wall tile (versus the small tree tiles that place the platform at the top with angled support brackets underneath). Each of the tile types comes in 4 different varieties:

  • No brackets / railing – just the platform (no railing system)
  • A hanging bracket style that you add twine/string to make it a suspended-style platform (no railing system)
  • A wooden angled support bracket (no railing system)
  • A wooden angled support bracket with the railing system

These tiles will allow you to make all kinds of wacky, modular walkway configurations that you might dream up, while still allowing for the fully configurable modular interior. Also added was a mushroom cluster tile for the large tree.

Small Tree Options

Also added to this stretch goal are a few new small tree options. These include a tile with a hole going down for an interior stairway and the stairway itself (which prints standalone and can be placed on any tile). Additionally there are new root-tile options for a full and half platform at the bottom of the tree.

Not Pictured – Airship Dock

I’m also working on a small airship dock that can be used on the large tree (with or without the walkways) to have somewhere for your airships to dock when they come a-calling! I should have this finished by midday tomorrow I’m hoping.


Sky / Cloud Maps

I showed a screenshot a few updates back of the custom sky/cloud maps I commissioned from Dungeon Mapster. Well, he’s wrapped up that map and I also got an alternative night/magic storm map that turns the sky into an epic roiling storm! These maps are 24×30″ large and print on 9 sheets of regular paper. I printed them out and was stunned by the quality, and the size is perfect for an epic airship battle or any airborne encounter in the sky! I bought a 10 pack of 8×10″ foamcore boards and will be spray glue-ing these map tile pieces to them, with the storm version on one side and cloud version on the other, so I can transport and setup easy, then flip them over as needed in-game. My players will love it, and I hope yours will too! I plan on taking a few shots of these with the airships on them in an update before the KS ends as well.

Treetop Maps

We have an upcoming stretch goal to top off the trees and to make them look more finished (based on backer demand) but my vision was always a sprawling, interconnected canopy that 3D printing just couldn’t bring to life easily. The amazingly talented 2MinuteTabletop is nearing completion of a large map to explore with your PCs, bringing this old-growth canopy environment to life. The design matches the 3D printed stuff perfectly, and the coloring will match the forest tile maps as well. This thing will be so sweet when it’s done. Below is a preview with the linework done. Imagine the epic battles you can have across these sprawling pathways, from tree-to-tree!



I have the stat blocks and descriptions for the new Oakenspire creatures ready to go, and the talented Olie Boldador (the artist who made the epic Oakenspire cover image from the main KS page) is creating the illustrations, based on my 3D designs and paint job.

Lore / Supplement PDF

The text for this is mostly done and I am loving the direction we took this! Complete with info on Zarla’s expedition and uncovering of the Oakenspire forest, faction/race outlines from the forest, colorful NPCs, quest hooks, etc. This is getting professionally designed for the PDF as well and should look great, and will most likely be ready within a few weeks of the KS ending.

Monday Surprise From DevonJones

What kind of weapon could be used to bring down castle walls…. or to take an airship out of the sky?? Devon has a epic release coming to Thingiverse tomorrow that was made possible by this Kickstarter collaboration. I will link to it in an update tomorrow but you can also check out his Thigiverse @devonjones tomorrow as well.

More Updates

That’s it for this long-winded update! As the KS continues to get closer to the end, I will probably be posting more frequent updates. Many things are coming together, and I want to try and keep our momentum strong so we can unlock as many models as possible for you all to print and enjoy! I also have a few small trees painted up and will be taking some shots of them staged tomorrow with the forest maps and some minis, so that should be pretty cool. Stay tuned, and thanks again for your awesome support

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