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Most of the clothes and fashion accessories we wear today are designed, and manufactured in a logic of standardization and overconsumption. We are not part of this majority. Technology inspires the world of fashion in a much more personal way, changing the way we design, produce and buy. 

The beauty of the design does not only result from its aesthetics but also from how it is reflected. This is how we thought L A Z A A R E .

Lying at the frontier of the digital and physical world, L A Z A A R E rethinks fashion by combining digital processses, creativity and modern technologies. 

With a large variety of materials and colors, simplicity and a stylish retro look, our watches lie within the « back to basic » approach of design with a twist to it.

From a computer aided design to it’s materialization, craftsmanship pervades our 3D printed watches.

3D Printing on Powder
Laser sintering is an additive manufacturing technique of heating fine particles of material to build 3D parts. 

Additive manufacturing, also know as 3D printing is a breakthrough technology that fits into many of today’s challenges.

Introduced in a number of fields, it revolutionizes creation and digital transformation.

A new paradigm of production, where creators directly interact with their final objects, enables them to design every stages, from the conception to the fabrication, drawing from its artisanal and digital knowledge.

Technical progress, which can be harmful to the environment, is used here in a responsible approach.

In this continuous effort : 

  • we reduce our carbon footpoint using bio-sourced materials. 
  • Our watches run on solar energy. Allowing us to optimize the batterie’s lifetime of our products.
  • The leathers we use originate from vegetable tanning, considerable limiting the use of environmental harmful chemicals in their treatments. 
  •  The 3D printing process we use for our watches case helps us cuting down the inherent waste in a conventional machining process.

In our workshop, located in the east of Paris, we design and assemble all our watches by hand.

  • The various internal components such as the pcb or the solar panel, are developed in Paris then produced in Hongkong, a qualified place for electronics components, and watch modules.
  • The wristband are drawing in interns, we source ourselves the materials, then the manufacture is entrusted to a familial company located in Besançon in France, high place of watchmaking
  • Finally, concerning the cases of our watches, they are modeled and prototyped internally, then we work with a French compagny, located in the Paris region and also in San Francisco, specializing in creative and additive manufacturing.

Our packaging, whose design is made in-house avoid sadditional shipping packaging. Is composed by : 

  •  A black eva foam cut on customized to integrate the watch. 
  •  White case enveloping the foam. 
  •  Custom shipping packaging in Kraft.

Our prototype has been finished for several weeks. We’ve tried it and it convinced us! Today, the development and manufacture of internal components & packaging have been completed. The development and making of the first collection of wistbrand (3 models) too. We need now to print the case in series.

We are in the production phase of the 3D printed plastic case and we need your help

For this last straight line, we need 3000e to ensure our launch. With this amount, 2 collection for a total of 9 models will be created. 

However, ideas abound, and our enthusiasm leads us to imagine new things.   Here is an overview of our different goals if we reach each level : 

* You can choose the color’s case and wristband of your new watch.

Risks and challenges

After almost 2 years of research, development, prototyping, testing, we are reaching the goal. Only the financial aspect seems to slow us down in this race towards the future.

Almost all the components needed for the manufacture of our watches are already in stock, it remains for us to launch a production of 3D case.

We are very excited by this crowdfunding campaign, as well as the idea of ​​sending our first watches to our contributors.

By participating in this campaign, you fund not only a young creative project, but also a new way of thinking about fashion, design.

Obviously, zero risk does not exist, cases of major forces may affect our deliveries, but it is very, very rare and you will be the first to be aware.

The biggest uncontrollable risk to our product would be its source of energy:

Imagine a world without sun, if the sun would one day disappear from our sky, the solar panel would then lose all its usefulness, and the pile would be impacted.

A dystopian vision of our world, against which we struggle, through creation focused on the future.

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