Building A Lasting Memorial For People And Events

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A monument is built to commemorate a person or an event. These structures vary in sizes, and they come in different designs. Monuments are distinct because of their unique design. Many other edifices around the world have stood against the challenges of time, and they are showing how the ancient world managed to perfect the creation of these structures.

Building a monument costs a lot of money, and there should be a strong labor force that will dedicate their time and effort in building the structure. There are steps that one needs to consider in the planning, constructing, and finishing stages of creating a memorial. There are also factors that need to be considered, to ensure the people that the structure built is strong and can last for many years.

1. The people behind the construction of a monument should check first the condition of the land where it will be built. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a good example about the importance of geology in identifying the space where the structure should rise. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was built in a land that is soft, and it resulted to the gradual leaning of the tower. It is predicted by scientists that the tower would potentially topple in the centuries to come.

Another importance of planning where the structure should be built is due to the geology of the place. The fault lines are an active segments in the earth where most earthquakes happen. These faults are located deep beneath the ground and if it is not detected, the ground rupture and the ground shaking would produce devastating effects. The monument built on top of a fault line will sustained major damages.

We should all consider these factors when building a monument because it can be destroyed easily if we overlooked the planning stage. Once we received the information about the geology of the place where we wanted to build the structure, we should start working with a professional that would give us an interpretation of the map. This will allow us to identify the dangers that are involved when building the edifice. Governments around the world also have several measures when looking at these factors.

Following the orders from the people who have been doing it professionally would save you money because the memorial built will last for a long time and the cases of fatality will be lowered down if all the parameters are set and everyone is working closely for the safety of other people.

2. After the planning stage has been established, the next step would be looking for people who will be funding the project. The project can be spearheaded through crowdsourcing, or using the services from websites that has can collect huge amount of money for a major project. The contractors of the memorial can also ask the help from the government to fund the project.

Constructing a memorial would cost a lot of money because of the materials that will be used. The payment for the labor should also be considered. It should follow the rules in the country regarding the payment for the laborers and all of their benefits should also be given. Another thing that should be considered when building an edifice are the permits and the permissions that will be given by the government. Contractors who have connections with the government makes it easier to build these structures and they would face lesser problems especially when it comes in securing the papers needed.

If the monument is commemorating a certain person, the wealthy people can be involved and additional funding can be requested from them. They will be the ones who would fund the project as a form of philanthropy and as a gift to the public.

3. After securing all of the permits and the funding for the structure, the designing phase would take over. With the help of modern technology, a laser engraved monument is now possible. 3D-printing has also changed the way we look at these awesome buildings.

Many contractors who are building these lasting memorials are sponsoring a designing contest so that they can get an idea on how the structure should look like. The public would have a major participation in creating these monuments because they are consulted about how they feel with its construction. On the other hand, experts in the field of architecture will serve as the judges for the construction of these structures.

Once a design has been chosen the next thing is to find the materials that will be used for the construction of the monument. The most common materials used for creating these buildings are stones and cement. These materials have proven their toughness as ancient monuments are usually made from either rocks or cement. Collecting the materials that will be used for the construction can be finished in a few days depending on the size of the structure. Once all of the materials have been delivered to the site, the actual construction might begin.

4. Constructing the memorial would also come in phases. The scaffolding should be placed to provide protection and safety for the workers. Then, the foundations of the structure will be installed. They should be able to withstand even the largest earthquakes. Larger edifices would need to have a strong foundation to prevent it from falling or toppling over.

The next part would be assembling the materials that will serve as the pedestal for the monument. Most of these structures should have a strong pedestal, where a statue itself will be placed. In the past, the pedestal where the statue sits would be carved to show the inscriptions about the commemorative event that gave birth to the construction of the structure. However, it is a labor intensive activity that takes hours to complete per letter. With the advancement of technology, scientists developed a way on how letter inscriptions can be completed in a short amount of time.

Laser technology is now used for completing this task. It is more expensive than the traditional way of carving the material, but it provides better results because of its precision and it can be completed in a short span of time.

The design of the markings that will be left on the figure would not matter as well, because computers today can be programmed to enter complex figures and designs without any hassle. This amazing development in technology allowed us to build special memorials that are designed beautifully. These memorials serve as a memory for an important event or a special person who has given a lot of contributions to the society.

After the monument has been completed by someone such as, the people will be responsible in looking after the structure. It should be guarded day and night and lighting can also be installed to prevent the area from becoming too dark at night. The monument can also become a tourist spot especially if there is history involved in the construction of the structure. Many memorials around the globe are among the most visited ones like the Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben, and the Statue of Liberty, and they provide a lot of profits to the government.

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