As customers in Asia change, so must the HP channel

Ng Tian Chong (HP)

Credit: HP

HP has urged partners in Asia to take a “leap of faith” to keep pace with changing customer priorities, as businesses outline simplification and optimisation as key priorities in 2019.

Underpinned by digital transformation, the region has evolved from a market of crawlers, then walkers and now sprinters, as customers charge head-on towards innovation.

“Asia Pacific represents the biggest growth opportunity in the world,” said Ng Tian Chong, president of Asia Pacific and Japan at HP. “It is an aspirational region where countries are maturing and developing at a phenomenal rate.

“Governments here are steadfast in their support to entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. We are also seeing trends such as rapid urbanisation, changing demographics, hyper globalisation and accelerated innovation impact the region.”

Such trends, according to Ng, are combining to reshape the regional market, disrupting traditional business models at “breakneck speed”.

“There will be a renewed focus on the creation of new technologies, seamless services, increased awareness of security and the blending of our personal and professional lives,” explained Ng, when speaking exclusively to Channel Asia.

Take HP as a lead example, which now uses artificial intelligence to improve online stores, customer service platforms and internal processes.

Or virtuality reality in the commercial space, alongside working with print service bureaus and healthcare providers to transform manufacturing through 3D printing.

All delivered on-demand in the form of everything-as-a-service (XaaS), spanning both print and PC portfolios.

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