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Kids Creation Station transforms artwork through 3D printing

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - printing hasn’t exactly taken off yet, but based on glimpses we’ve seen — like food, makeup, and super cool small stuff — we’d love to see it start to play a larger role in our lives. And with an incredible new site called the Kids Creation Station, presented by 3DP4E (3D Printing For Everyone), it may even help us preserve our very favorite pieces of kids’ artwork.

Kids Creation Station is a new website that allows users to take their kids’ artwork and turn it into real life 3D representations using, you guessed it, a 3D printer. It’s similar in concept to Budsies that turns artwork into

First 3D LED printer could print heads-up-display contact lenses

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - Here's a hypothetical question: would you rather have a head-up display on glasses or a contact lens?

If you answered "contact lens", the bad news is that you may be waiting some time. But the good news is that it just got a little more feasible, with the invention of the world's first 3D printer that can print LEDs.

Text messages delivered right to your contact lenses
Augmented-reality contact lenses to be human-ready at CES
Google finds partner to produce 'smart' contact lenses for diabetics
The team, led by Michael McAlpine at Princeton University's McAlpine Research Group, has su

3D Printing Stocks: Which One Is Least Likely to Get Clobbered by Hewlett-Packard?

Posted By SuperUser on INVESTING - 3D Systems, Stratasys, ExOne, Arcam, or voxeljet: Which 3D printing stock seems best insulated from competition from HP? - Beth McKenna - Industrials

The Solar Panels You Buy Matter--A Quick Guide for Better Decisions

Posted By SuperUser on RENEWABLE ENERGY - olar energy is spreading like wildfire across the country, and consumers looking to buy a $20,000+ system or make a 20-year commitment on a lease need to know a little bit about the solar panels they're putting on their roofs.

But it's difficult to know what to look for in different solar panels, especially when a sales person is knocking at your door. Here are a few tips that should help potential solar buyers.

Efficiency of solar panels matters

Not all solar panels are the same and consumers need to know how efficiency and quality play into their buying decisions. Source: SunPowe

Tiny, printed livers could revolutionize medical research | Science! |

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - Biomedical research is a bit like tort law, in that everybody thinks they know that the system is screwed, but if pressed probably couldn’t really articulate quite how. In both cases, there exists the pervasive impression that the system is “clogged” with unnecessary bureaucracy and the fiddling about of people who ought to be ignored. The main difference is that the processes that keep new treatments and medicines from being brought to market quickly (or cheaply) are undeniably necessary.

3D Bioprinting Could Speed Up Drug Development

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - Three-dimensional (3D) printing is a 20-year-old technology whose time finally seems to have arrived. Interest in the equipment rose sharply last year; in 2012, the market for 3D products reached $777 million and could reach $8.4 billion by 2025 as medical uses for the printers are being developed, according to Lux Research.

One company focused on the medical use of these printers is San Diego-based Organovo Holdings, a biotech firm that designs and creates functional, 3D human tissues for medical research and therapeutic applications. In January 2014, Organovo delivered its first 3D liver

3D 'bioprinting': 10 things you should know about how it works - TechRepublic

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - The healthcare industry is trying to capitalize on 3D printing, and fast. From prosthetic limbs and various surgical devices made with plastics and metals, to using cells to print human organs, experiments in this industry are progressing quickly.

The world of bioprinting is still very new and ambiguous. Many of the innovations have been driven by either companies like Organovo that focus on bioprinting or specific researchers at universities, like Dr. Anthony Atala at Wake Forest.

Confusion has swirled around 3D bioprinting. It can be a difficult concept to get your head around, and it

How to Invest in Technology Stocks

Posted By SuperUser on INVESTING - Warren Buffett may shy away from investing in technology companies, but many Americans are captivated by the idea of owning a piece of “the next big thing.”

After all, advances in information technology and biotechnology are more exciting than this year’s dividend yield on utilities. With perfect 20/20 hindsight, people kick themselves today for not recognizing Apple’s potential in 1980. To compensate for that oversight, some are eager to scoop up shares of IPOs, such as Alibaba Group, GoPro Inc., Zendesk or ReWalk Robotics.

So far this year, the Standard & Poor's 500 index's technology