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Chinese company creates houses made using 3D printers | Daily Mail Online

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - These houses, one of which is six storeys high, were created in an industrial park in China's Jiangsu province using pioneering 3D printing technology.

How 3D printing and land reform could help to solve the housing crisis | Alastair Parvin | Society | The Guardian

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - Since the Industrial Revolution the assumption has always been that the only people who can build homes at scale are large organisations – either state or market – building whole estates; rows of one-size-fits-all boxes for imaginary “average” humans. Form follows finance.

In a way, the most extraordinary thing is that this top-down form of development became so normal. Planned communities tend to be, at best, dormitory neighbourhoods and shopping malls, and at worst, empty, economically dysfunctional accumulations of capital; permanent hotels for borrowers with ever larger mortgages.


Builders beware, now you can 3D print a whole house - Pocket-lint

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - The future of 3D printing could see homes sprayed out from nozzles if China's latest creation is anything to go by. Both a mansion and a tower block have been 3D printed in Suzhou, eastern China.

The 3D printed structures were created as a proof of concept by, Winsun, the same Chinese construction company that 3D printed ten small one-story houses in 24-hours almost a year ago.

The 3D printed houses weren't exactly spewed out of a giant printer nozzle without any builders in sight, or is it on site? Walls were 3D printed using a concrete material that can be built up in layers. These wa

Are 3D-printed cars the next big thing? - CBS News

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - DETROIT -- We've seen 3D-printed forks and body parts. There's even a 3D printer in space. But now 3D printing is even hitting the open road.

The big thing at this month's Detroit Auto Show wasn't made on an assembly line, but on a 3D printer. Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers believes it'll revolutionize the way cars are made.

"I like to think about it as, you go to a car wash today and you stand in front of the window and you're like, 'look at my car getting washed,'" said Rogers. "It's the same thing, look at my car being made, being printed."

Right now, that takes 40 hours -- but the g

Indiegogo startup debuts cheap, eco-friendly 3D printer

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - Following a successful Indiegogo campaign(with $683,804 raised), New Matter is set to release their 3D printer, the MOD-t, this Spring. While the final retail price is still up in the air, the company promises it won't be any more than $400.

SAPVoice: 3D Printing Could Create World's First Bionic Man - Forbes

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - 3D printing has captured a lot of attention thanks to its science fiction connotations. In reality, 3D printing is anything but fiction since it’s available in many households – even as a sophisticated toy for kids.

Clearly, 3D printing is more than a passing curiosity, and with researchers from Princeton now able to create “bionic” body parts using 3D printing techniques, the world’s first bionic man may be here sooner than you think.

As part of a project demonstrating new 3D printing techniques, Princeton researchers embedded tiny light-emitting diodes into a standard contact lens, al

AstroPrint’s Cloud Platform Lets You Manage 3D Printing From Anywhere | TechCrunch

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - 500 Startups-backed AstroPrint has made a combination of cloud platform, local software and hardware to enable the management of 3D printing from any device that can connect to the web with a modern browser.

For those not aware, the actual process of 3D printing is about as interesting to watch in real-time as ants building out their tunnels in an ant farm. It happens slowly, with tiny mechanisms adding slice after slice, layer after layer, until you have something that actually looks like a recognizable shape.

It’s something you only need to see a handful of times, and is best seen as

Bye, Bye Baubles: New 3D Printers Could Build Implants, Electronics

Posted By SuperUser on 3D PRINTING - Several new 3D printersshowcased at CES 2015 in Las Vegas earlier this month suggest that the 3D printing industry — best known for churning out brightly colored plastic doodads — could be turning over a new, more scientific leaf.

Amid the rough-edged replicas of superheroes and army tanks that adorned the expo's 3D printing space stood a machine that prints tiny medical implants that dissolve inside the human body. Another printer uses a combination of conductive inks and filaments to print quadcopters already embedded with the electronics that allow them to hover in the air. One company